Things look very different from a distance than from up close, don’t they? As we draw back further and further, the larger things remain more visible, defining the picture, while smaller details get washed out and eventually disappear. To draw comparison to fitness, what you do (or don’t do) consistently, is what becomes evident. Choices made on a daily, monthly, yearly basis will eventually paint the bigger picture, and it will show up in your physique, and in your health.

Let me let you in on a secret: A few potato chips once in a while will not completely de-rail you from your goal. To be honest with you, and to go a bit further, neither will an entire week of no exercise, lots of t.v. watching, and eating whatever you feel like (assuming that you get back on the grind after that!) On the same side of the token, if you consistently eat in a caloric surplus every day, and are mostly sedentary… doing 10 pushups here and there and eating a few pieces of lettuce occasionally are not going to impact you positively either. Even running 5 miles every day, drinking apple cider vinegar and eating in a caloric deficit for a whole week is not going to help you, if you just go on being sedentary and eating in surplus after that week.

What will impact you, is being real with yourself and your current choices. Asking questions like: Am I able to keep this up for the whole week? how about a month? If the answer is no, than you can safely assume you will not succeed long term, nor be able to make a lifestyle of those choices. Time to re-evaluate. Some preliminary questions would be: What is my goal? What am I willing to sacrifice to achieve this goal? Is it long term or short term results I’m seeking? Why am I doing this and is it realistic?

Many people skip over these questions, blinded by the prospect of finding low hanging fruit. If you have lived long enough though, you know that things usually come full circle. If you are at the point of frustration, going in circles and making the same mistakes, failing to reach your goal, then I would invite you to seriously contemplate those questions with an open mind. You have to know where you’re at, and where you came from in order to go anywhere. After you have answered these questions honestly, you then have a firm ground to stand on, and start building a lifestyle and a physique. Low self esteem, destructive or obsessive behavior can be a barrier to overcome for many people. I invite you to take those preliminary questions seriously, and even make answering them honestly an actual goal as your first step in your process. Its always better to build your house on a firm foundation, than to hastily build on one that easily crumbles or washes away. If you follow my blog, I insist that you find the ground beneath your feet. Then we can have some fun.

Remember, one big mac, or a bag of chips here and there (yes, even if you accidentally eat the whole bag, seriously forgive yourself and keep it moving!) is not going to make or break your plan. But making that your habit, will. Building a lifestyle is a long term investment, and your results are your dividends. Invest smart, look at the bigger picture, stick to your plan (but don’t sweat the small stuff!) and the physique will come!